Tax deadlines are rigid

We allow you to bend the rules so you pay when you can afford
to. Focus your time on your business not the tax man.


How it works

1 Register interest 2 Choose amount and term 3 Choose calendar dates for repayment 4 Choose amounts interest/capital for each date 5 Amend as often as you need mid-term of facility

What shape will you build?


How long will it take to apply?

Facilities can be granted in as little as 24 hours but because we are in beta testing, to develop our product for a mass market launch, we are being very selective about who we work with.

How long is the contract?

Customers can terminate at any point and only face a 1.5% early repayment charge.

Do I have to provide personal or company security?

No, these facilities are 100% unsecured and private, meaning you and your company have to give nothing in return for the facility and there is no public record you have used our facilities.

What if I need more than my initial credit limit?

We would always be open to discussion, so we have an appeal button if you feel you should be deserving of a higher amount. That said, as we develop a relationship with each company we expect to both grow the size of our facility with them and also reduce the cost of that facility. We want to grow with you and be there when you need us.